The Role of a Computer Repair Technician in Keeping Computers Running Smoothly

A computer repair technician is someone who maintains and repairs computers and other servers. The technician’s duties might range from installation or setting up new hardware, installation of antivirus software, configuring and building networks, and making and maintaining computer networks in their capacity as a service provider. The scope of work of a technician might also extend to repairing and maintaining personal computers and peripherals of the client’s use. Whatever the case, a technician plays an important role in today’s information technology domain.

To become certified as a computer repair technician, one must have a college degree in electronics or information systems. In addition, he/she should have at least a two-year degree from a technical institution that offers courses on electronic repair and maintenance. If possible, one should have gone through training in the field of computer software, security, networking, and maintenance. To get licensed in this field, one has to pass both written and diagnostic examinations. The examination for this course is based on the CCNA or CCNP level and may be taken online or at least six months away from regular classes.

After passing the examination, one can be sure of becoming a certified computer repair technician. On top of that, most states require him/her to get licensed on the same level as technicians in other professions. That is to say, a PC repair technician can go on to become an architect, an electrical engineer, a computer analyst, or even an industrial maintenance supervisor. With such a rewarding and stable career, one can expect to be able to get promoted or be asked to fill vacancies when there are openings in the field.

Another career option for someone who is good with computers and knows the hardware and software, on-site computer support is also available. Some companies have their own data center, which employs repair personnel who are stationed onsite. The advantage of on-site service is that you get all the expert help you need without having to leave your desk.

For companies or individuals who are into software issues, there are service centers that provide on-site PC repair. This service is usually cheaper than a regular computer repair shop since they have a hardware inventory plus the requisite software expertise to deal with any software glitches. Most of these service centers are tech savvy and have skilled technical personnel who know the ins and outs of a computer system and software. This is probably the best way to go for someone who is still learning the ropes with his/her new machine.

Apart from repairing hardware components, on-site computer repair technicians also offer troubleshooting services. This means fixing a computer problem by solving the software issues associated with it. With so many computer problems floating around, some problems can never really be solved by a manual search-engine. Hiring an expert technician from a computer service center will be the best bet in such situations.

Operating system software and hardware components malfunction can cause serious headaches. Operating system software requires frequent upgrades and repairs, hardware components break down very often. Since the latter is usually something you cannot afford to ignore, hiring an expert computer repair technician may be the best solution. Operating system software problems like freezing, crashing, blue screens, application failure, slow performance, etc.

Computer repair technicians can also assist owners in troubleshooting problematic hardware computers. It can be frustrating dealing with problematic hardware computers. Some of the problems they may be able to fix include the following: motherboard failures, hard disk failure, power shortages, video card failures, keyboard malfunctions and others. These technicians have the skills and expertise to handle various different types of computer support issues. They are fully aware of how to solve computer problems that you may be experiencing in a timely manner.

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